About The Fund

The MaRS IAF was established in 2007, with the goal to help build and strengthen Ontario-based businesses. We do this by providing early stage investment with terms that are conducive to bringing on future investors.

  • The IAF looks for companies that demonstrate the potential to achieve high-growth, and that are enabled by truly innovative technologies that provide a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • The IAF invests up to $500,000 in companies that are privately held, and at an early stage with no significant revenue or institutional investment.
  • The IAF provides a comprehensive platform of funding, resources, people, and connections that entrepreneurs can access to accelerate the growth of their ventures and attract follow-on financing.
  • The IAF looks to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who are committed about turning their innovations into market-leading companies.

By assisting companies to succeed, the MaRS IAF is helping to create the high-value jobs that contribute to Ontario’s Innovation Agenda.